McAfee Virus Scan

The main purpose of installing McAfee antivirus product in the device is virus threat. No matter which McAfee product you are using but you should always make sure that you run a full system scan regularly. If you are using McAfee Total Protection then running a virus scan will either remove the infected file or quarantine it. This allows you to use your system without any worry. To run full system scan please follow the given steps:

• Open the interface of your antivirus, after its installation you will be able to see its icon on the desktop.
• Double-click the icon to run the software.
• Click on update button so that your antivirus could even scan new viruses. It won’t be correct to run a full system scan without having latest security suite.
• Once the update gets finished, click on the section reading “Real-time scanning”.
• Now click on “Scan your PC”, a new window will appear, on which you need to click on “Run a full scan”.

McAfee Total Protection will start scanning your device for any sort of malicious file or folder. Once the scan gets finished, take the appropriate action to remove the virus and then close the program. In case you are using any other McAfee product then take help from our antivirus executives to learn how to run a virus scan for system security.

Web and Email Protection

McAfee antivirus features web and email protection. Web and email protection include a personal firewall, Anti-Spam, SiteAdvisor and SiteAdvisor Plus.

Personal Firewall: McAfee personal firewall acts as a barrier between the internet and your PC, it acts as a security guard. Like a security guard first scrutinizes you before you enter the gate, in the similar manner Firewall inspects everything before they could reach your computer. Only if it finds it safe then it allows the thing to enter your device. Basically, it protects your device from hackers who try to steal your personal data.

Anti-Spam: As the name suggests, it is meant for protecting your emails from spam or junk mails. Mostly, hackers use emails to attack your PC, thus email security becomes necessary. It stops all sorts of spam and phishing attacks that try to invade your system.

SiteAdvisor: Not every website on the internet is safe, but how one should know which sites are and which are not. SiteAdvisor provides site safety ratings and reports that let you know whether the particular site is safe to visit or not.

SiteAdvisor Plus: It is an advanced version of SiteAdvisor. It not only provides rating and reports of a site but also checks links in your emails. It intimates you about the risk before you visit a particular site or click on a particular link.

Virus and Spyware protection

The main reason why we install an antivirus software on our device is protection from virus and spyware, and for this purpose, no other antivirus is better than McAfee. McAfee has a special feature known as “Virus and Spyware Protection” which includes the following:

Scan your PC : You have different options to run scanning such as quick, full or custom scan which will eliminate all sort of malicious programs, viruses, spyware, malware and other threats from your system and keep it safe.

Real-Time Protection : Real-time scanning is a very important feature of any security program as it checks all the files in real time when they are created, opened or copied. With McAfee Real-time scanning feature you can decide which threats you want the software to scan. You decide where and which file to be scanned and which not. It looks for unknown viruses, tracking cookies and also buffers for overflow protection. To turn on Real-Time Scanning please follow the given steps:

- Open McAfee home page.
- Then click on Real-time scanning, and select its settings.
- Under Real-Time Scanning, click to turn on.

Schedule Scanning : If you want your antivirus protection to regularly scan your device then you should go for scheduled scan setting. By default, McAfee scan is scheduled to perform scanning once a week, you can change it as per your desire and for that please follow the given steps:

- Open McAfee Home page and click on Real-time setting.
- Select Schedule scan setting.
- Then open schedule scan page.
- To decide the frequency of scan you need to pull down the drop down menu which is next to “Use McAfee Scan Schedule”. (once a day, once a week, once every other day or on the first day of the month)
- You can also conserve your system resources by running the scan at reduced speed and for that select “Scan using minimal resources”.
- And to save system battery, you can set the scheduled scan at the time when PC is plugged in and for this select “Start scan only when my PC is plugged in”
- Click Apply to save the changes made by you.

Data Protection and Backup

McAfee Data Protection and Backup, as the name suggests, this features not only provides protection to your data but also allows you to take backup of your data. In case of Antivirus Plus, the protection drawer appears as Data Protection. McAfee Data protection and backup include:

Anti-Theft - This will keep your data encrypted and lets you lock your personal files into a secure digital vault. Such files can only be accessed by you. So, in case your device gets stolen, then also no one could access those files.

Online Backup - We doesn’t carry our computer everywhere we go, but at times we feel the need of the data that is stored in our PC. McAfee Online Backup gives you a solution for this. It allows you to store your data online so that you can access it at anytime from anywhere.

Shredder - There are times when we do not want to share some personal information with other and we feel like destroying such documents once for all so that no one else could ever have an access to it. McAfee Shredder helps you destroy or erase any delicate information permanently. It works like a paper shredder. Once the document is shred, even you can’t have it back.

PC Optimization

A lot of people complain that after installing a particular antivirus program, the performance of their device degraded. It happens because an antivirus takes up a lot of resources to perform scanning. Apart from this, any virus or malware issue can also hamper the speed of your device. In fact, if your system is filled with unwanted files or application that will also affect your system’s speed.

With the help of McAfee antivirus, you can fix this issue as the software performs a comprehensive scan that too in less time to identify the issue with your PC. Then it eliminates the issue on the spot to optimize your PC performance. It also clears out unwanted data, cache files, and temporary files from your device to enhance its speed. So definitely, McAfee is a correct choice for users if they do not want to struggle with slow system performance issue.

Parental Control

Being a parent has never been easy but it has become even more difficult in this digital age. Children these days are spending more time on the internet than they do in playing outside or studying. This is the reason their online security is also required. That is why McAfee has introduced Parental Control feature which allows parents to keep a watch on their kid’s online activities. It makes possible for parents to decide what their kid can see online and how much time they can spend. In-fact parents can block the sites that they don’t want their child to visit. Parental Control features:

• It filters appropriate websites. When you decide the age group of your kid, McAfee makes sure that the child could only see what is appropriate for him.
• It allows you to allow or block sites. So, you can block sites which as per you are not meant for your kid.
• Safe filter on the popular search engine is turned on to exclude inappropriate content.
• Limit the amount of time that the child can spend on the internet.
• You need to protect your Parental Control settings through password so that no one can make changes in it, except you.

Isn’t all this amazing! Your all worries related to your child’s online security is now over. McAfee has taken over all your tension and turned it up-side-down for your convenience.


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