Top Clues That Your PC Is Infected With Malware

Today people are becoming more and more dependent on the internet, in recent years we have clearly observed the massive growth in the number of internet users worldwide. With the increased number of internet users, the number of cyber attacks is also growing. In this article, we will discuss how you can find out whether your system is infected with malware.

However, there are many internet security products in the market that can prevent your network from malware and other dangerous cyber attacks. McAfee is one of such effective internet security product which is powered with different security features. McAfee delivers complete cyber threats protection with its powerful Endpoint security, firewall, and encryption features, to know more on McAfee internet security products and for any other queries related to McAfee just dial toll-free McAfee antivirus contact number UK. McAfee customer support executives are available 24*7 to resolve your every query promptly. Now let’s discuss how you can find out that your PC has become the prey of malware:

Malware Slowdown Your OS Working:

If your system is taking too much time to open any application and program then it may happen due to malware. Malware has a tendency to slow down your system, speed of internet and applications.

If this is happening with your system, then you can check its main cause as this can also happen when any heavy program is running on your system, shortage of RAM memory and hard drive and a fragmented system.

Unwanted Pop-Up

Unwanted pop-ups on the screen are the most prominent and annoying sign of malware. These pop-ups not just affect the smooth internet navigation but it is very hard to remove these pop-ups from the system. These pop-ups are generally concealed with a bundle of malware when user click on any of these pop-ups, the system gets infected with malware which could be more destructive to the system as well as for your network.

System Crashes Out

If you find that your system or programs are crashing or Blue screen of death is appearing on your screen then there could be two reasons behind this issue:

• First, there could be a technical issue due to incompatibility between software and hardware.
• Secondly, it occurs due to malware infection

Unfamiliar Icons on the Desktop and Unusual Error Message

If you are seeing a new icon or we can say an unknown icon on your desktop, it means you have downloaded an application that contains Potentially Unwanted Program. PUP are applications that you most likely did not want to download on your system. These unwanted programs can be considered as a malware and they can easily damage your system. To know more on this you can contact McAfee cyber specialist at McAfee technical customer care number UK. Also, if you are getting a usual error message on your system it also means that your system is infected with malware.


If you are unable to access Control Panel, Task Manager, Registry Editor or Command Prompt then this is a clear sign that your system is vulnerable to the potential cyber attacks. Therefore it is always recommended to install an effective cyber solution on your system to prevent malware or other cyber attacks.

System Is Showing Low Disk Space and Suspicious Hard Drive Activities

The malicious program always uses different methods to fill up available space, when your system is notifying the message’ you are running out of disk space’ without any reason it means the system is infected with Malware.

These are some signs that mean your system is infected with Malware. However, a user can resist or prevent this problem by using aright cyber solution. To know more about malware and its prevention dial toll-free 0800-756-3354 McAfee support phone number UK.